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Chapter 8 Hurry up and Let Me Rub Your Face

  • It was late at night; at one of the buildings within the Kingston Residence’s compound, a man entered a quiet room in humble reverence before appearing in front of a chaise lounge.
  • A person was lying on the chaise lounge with his eyes closed.
  • The man bowed his head and said dutifully, “There was poison detected on the shard. If it hadn’t been for that unexpected situation, that bowl of semi-liquid food would have been in Young Master Henry’s stomach by now.”
  • To put it simply, Young Master Henry would have been turned from a living corpse into a real corpse had there been no accident.
  • The person lying against the chaise lounge didn’t even open his eyes. He simply said nonchalantly, “I got it.”
  • The man asked dutifully with his head lowered, “Do we need to do something about it?”
  • “Someone merely wanted to end a dying person’s life in advance. Don’t ever report such a trivial matter to me again,” responded the person in a tone full of indifference toward human lives.
  • The man standing at one side didn’t look very surprised when he heard such a response.
  • Young Master Henry was now an abandoned and worthless piece of trash in the eyes of the Kingston Family. Did it matter whether a worthless piece of trash was dead or not?
  • However, the man couldn’t help but ask, “The bowl of semi-liquid food was accidentally smashed by Young Mistress Kingston. Wasn’t that too much of a coincidence?”
  • The person lying on the chaise lounge replied disdainfully, “What can that woman be capable of? She was born in the countryside and did not even complete her high school education.”
  • Yvonne, the lady from the countryside who didn’t even finish high school, was as busy as a bee after getting her hands on her laptop.
  • All the data about the thrombin drug project was saved on her laptop, but it took a great deal of time and effort to reorganize them into a detailed database.
  • Yvonne was so immersed in the project that she had no time for anything else. When she was busy, she didn’t even go downstairs to eat, let alone ‘touch’ Henry.
  • However, she never skipped a meal or let herself go hungry.
  • She only had one request about her meals; she would eat whatever Henry ate, so the kitchen wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of preparing her meals separately.
  • Mr. Statham said nothing much about this odd request of hers. To him, everything would be fine as long as Yvonne didn’t scourge his Young Master.
  • After burning the midnight oil for several nights in a row, Yvonne finally finished compiling the data ahead of time in the afternoon of the third day.
  • After sending out an email about the thrombin drug project, she slowly staggered toward the bed like a boneless person and slumped listlessly onto the bed.
  • Turning to look at the handsome young man lying beside her, she reached out her hand weakly and poked Henry’s face as she said, “Hurry up and let me rub your face so that I can regain my strength!”
  • She had barely poked him once when there was a knock at the door.
  • Yvonne was startled.
  • She immediately recalled Mr. Statham warning her not to get physical with Henry. Did Mr. Statham install surveillance cameras in the room? Was that how he arrived as soon as she touched Henry?
  • Despite her fatigue, she opened the door in trepidation to see a servant standing outside.
  • However, after she had opened the door, the servant immediately took a step back. Looking at Yvonne as if she was the most nauseating thing in the world, the servant then said in a tone of utter disgust, “Your father is waiting for you in the living room downstairs.”
  • The servant quickly ran away without looking back after informing her.
  • Puzzled, Yvonne muttered to herself, “Why is she running away?”
  • Besides, why would her father come to see her all of a sudden?
  • Yvonne went to the toilet in bemusement as she planned to freshen herself up before going downstairs to meet her father. However, after entering the toilet, she raised her eyes and saw herself in the mirror.
  • After being stunned for a moment, she threw up directly at the sight of her ugliness…