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Chapter 261 Do You Like Henry?

  • Before this, Jessie spoke gently and softly like a shy, adorable girl. But her scream just moments ago was sharp and extremely ear-piercing. After Jessie screamed, she immediately realized that she shouldn’t have done so, hence she quickly covered her mouth. Her eyes, however, shot venomous daggers at Yvonne with burning rage but Yvonne wasn’t the least bit scared of her. Looking at Jessie, she said, “There’s an obvious difference between me splashing hot water on you and you doing it yourself.”
  • Just like a scholar, Yvonne pointed at Jessie’s shirt while giving her a lecture. “Even if I tried my best to spill the water onto one specific spot, the area that would’ve been wet is obviously different. All of this can be explained using simple physics. When different people splash water with different forces, it will show different patterns.” With that said, she then looked at Jessie seriously. “Therefore, if you want to frame someone, you should acquire more common sense. Stop hoping that you can stand facts on their heads by crying and wailing.”
  • Jessie was stupefied at the lecture she received. Besides Yvonne brutally exposing Jessie’s true colors, she was also telling Kingsley and Mrs. Norris that Jessie deliberately framed her. All at once, Jessie was filled with embarrassment. Feeling too ashamed, she turned and dashed out of the ward.
  • Seeing her run out, Andrea ran after her although she knew that she had schemed against Yvonne. That made Yvonne, Kingsley and the maid pushing the wheelchair the only ones left in the ward. Kingsley waved his hand and the maid left the room, closing the door behind her.
  • After a moment of silence, Kingsley said bitterly, “Thank you for taking care of that for me.”
  • Yvonne knitted her eyebrows and advised, “If you’re not fond of this kind of marriage, you should make yourself clear to your family.” Besides, even if he needed to go on a blind date, he should at least find someone with common sense. That woman from earlier was definitely unreliable.
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