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Chapter 6 The Shard

  • Yvonne felt so embarrassed that she wanted to cry when Mr. Statham stared at her like she was some pervert who had disgraced the educated class.
  • Still, Mr. Statham suppressed his emotions at this moment and said with a poker face, “Your clothes have been prepared, Miss Page.”
  • It was only then did Yvonne notice the few servants who were holding several pieces of clothing behind him.
  • They had obviously witnessed the scene of her ‘molesting’ Henry as well. At this moment, they looked at her with indescribable looks in their eyes as if she was a disgusting piece of trash.
  • Then, the servants put the clothes in the wardrobe as per Mr. Statham’s instructions.
  • After the servants had left, Mr. Statham no longer held back his displeasure. He said, “Since the Kingston Family has arranged for you to marry Young Master Henry and even forced the both of you to stay in one room, I have no choice but to accept it. However, I still have to remind you that Young Master Henry had always loathed being touched by women, so I hope that you’ll refrain from doing anything improper!”
  • Yvonne subconsciously asked in reply, “Is he that self-restrained?”
  • Mr. Statham said furiously, “Any woman who touched the Young Master before he got into the accident never lived to see another sunrise, not to mention a lady who has no respect for herself like you, Miss Page!”
  • Yvonne’s face froze for a second; the accusation that she lacked self-respect weighed heavily on her.
  • Mr. Statham continued to criticize her severely as he said, “I am Young Master Henry’s butler, so it’ll be easy for me to make you feel uncomfortable here. It’ll be useless even if you complain to Old Madam herself about me!”
  • Yvonne could sense Mr. Statham’s repulsion toward her; he didn’t approve of her status as Henry’s bride at all.
  • In the face of his threats, she knew that it would be futile to explain herself. Therefore, she could only bow her head submissively and said, “What happened just now was purely an accident. I promise that I’ll make sure to keep a distance from him from now on.”
  • Mr. Statham glared menacingly at Yvonne’s hideous face. He then threatened, “Miss Page, you’d better remember what you have promised. I’ll keep an eye on you all the time!”
  • With that, he stormed out of the room.
  • After Mr. Statham left with a stony face, Yvonne glanced at Henry. He was still lying on the bed as she mumbled, “Mr. Statham is so scary…”
  • Then, she reached out her hand and lightly touched her lips with a gloomy expression. “That was my first kiss,” she said.
  • Depressed, she took off her leisurewear and changed into a dress she had picked at random before going downstairs to have breakfast.
  • When she came downstairs, she distinctly sensed the scrutinizing gazes coming from all directions. Not only that, she also vaguely heard several offensive comments.
  • “She looks so ugly! I almost threw up at the sight of her!”
  • “Can’t she go for plastic surgery or something? She shouldn’t come out and disgust us!”
  • “No amount of plastic surgery can save that face!”
  • “Stop comparing her to a pig. It is an insult to these creatures!”
  • Yvonne entered the dining room with no regard for her surroundings; it was as though she didn’t hear those remarks.
  • Served on the dining table were several semi-liquid dishes which seemed like what Henry had for breakfast that day.
  • Holding up a bowl of minced meat porridge, Yvonne took a slurp of it and smiled in satisfaction. “It’s just as tasty as I expected it to be!” she exclaimed.
  • Then, she said to the servant next to her, “From now on, just let me have a serving of whatever the Young Master eats. I like them.”
  • The servant looked at Yvonne like she was some weirdo while thinking to herself, As expected, she’s a swine. She even finds semi-liquid food tasty—how disgusting!
  • However, now that Yvonne was ‘Young Mistress Kingston,’ the servant could only respond with a perfunctory nod, “Yes, Young Mistress.”
  • Ignoring the servant’s attitude toward her, Yvonne continued to enjoy her breakfast. However, she was completely unaware of the fact that a figure was hiding in a corner nearby, watching her intently.
  • The figure continued to watch Yvonne until she stood up and left the dining room with a full stomach. Then, it sneaked into the kitchen.
  • The porcelain bowl had been discarded by the servants into the kitchen dustbin after being smashed into pieces in the room just now.
  • At that moment, the figure came over and took a shard of the broken porcelain bowl from the dustbin.