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Chapter 2 Will You Come to Save Me

  • Yvonne came in front of a luxurious car under the escort of the bodyguards. Even though Young Master Henry was now a disgraced good-for-nothing, the Kingston Family couldn’t lose its pomp and grandeur.
  • Yvonne was about to get into the vehicle when she suddenly heard someone calling her name from behind. “Yvonne! Wait a minute!”
  • She looked back to see a middle-aged man running speedily toward her. He was Benjamin Page, her father whom she had just reconnected with.
  • Benjamin walked up close to Yvonne before saying anxiously, “You just came back from an off-the-grid village with no knowledge of the etiquette here, so you should speak less when you get to the Kingston Residence.”
  • Yvonne trembled nervously as she asked in a soft, sweet voice full of fear and dread, “I’m scared, Dad! Can I not get married?”
  • Benjamin sighed heavily as he replied, “It’s all my fault, Yvonne! It’s my fault for being unable to protect you; I have no choice but to let you suffer in the Kingston Family!”
  • He promised firmly and solemnly immediately afterward, “Don’t worry—once the company pulls through the crisis, I’ll definitely find a way to save you from the Kingston Family!”
  • Excited, Yvonne pulled off her veil and asked, “Really?”
  • Benjamin’s breath hitched for a moment when he saw Yvonne’s face right in front of him. After recovering himself, he immediately said, “I am your father; how can I possibly lie to you? Also, you don’t have to be afraid. Young Master Henry is now a vegetable—what else can he do to you?”
  • Anxiously crumpling the skirt of her wedding dress with her hands, Yvonne said in a voice choked with tears, “I heard people talking about how Young Master Henry was badly disfigured after the accident; he looks grotesque and grossly terrifying now.”
  • Benjamin’s eyes flickered with guilt, so he immediately diverted the topic by saying, “Who doesn’t want to marry into the Kingstons, the most powerful family in Fairfort City? They only said that out of jealousy toward you!”
  • As he spoke, his gaze fell upon Yvonne’s hideous face. He promptly urged, “Hurry up and put on your veil!”
  • Yvonne put her veil back on pitifully. Then, Benjamin helped her into the car as he said, “Go back to the Kingston Residence first and wait until I come to get you later.”
  • With that, he told the chauffeur to drive off.
  • The car slowly started up and left the exhibition center. Gently wiping the tears off her cheeks, Yvonne muttered in a soft and faint voice, “Will you really come to save me?”
  • The chauffeur drove all the way into the Kingston Residence and made several turns before stopping in front of a Western-style building.
  • Yvonne got out of the car to see a group of people waiting for her outside the mansion. They were led by a woman, who was Old Madam Kingston’s trusted aide.
  • The woman led Yvonne all the way to the easternmost room on the third floor of the Western-style building. She stepped into the room, but before she had enough time to survey their surroundings, she discovered that the door had been closed from the outside.
  • A man’s displeased voice could vaguely be heard outside the door as he said, “What are you doing?!”
  • What followed was the woman’s cold reply. “Tonight is Young Master Henry’s wedding night, so the Old Madam told me to keep watch. She also wanted me to remind you that this bride is the ‘life-extending mascot’ found specially for the Young Master, and she will be living in Young Master’s room.”
  • Yvonne’s heart went pit-a-pat as she listened to these words. Was she going to be locked up to death together with a vegetable?
  • As she tried her best to ignore the noise outside, her eyes fell upon the large bed by the window.
  • A man was lying on the bed. This must be that living-dead husband of mine, she thought to herself.
  • Yvonne couldn’t see the man clearly since she was standing near the door. After a moment’s pause, she took off her veil as she walked toward the bed.
  • She was merely three steps away from the bed when she caught a clear glimpse of the man’s face.
  • Yvonne had prepared herself for what she was about to see, but she still froze on the spot at this very moment.
  • Wasn’t Young Master Henry of the Kingston Family badly disfigured after meeting an accident? Didn’t they say he looked like a demon who had crawled out of hell?
  • Who was this breathtakingly handsome man in front of her?