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Chapter 10

  • Emma had a rough idea what the Lawson Corporation was worth and she suspected ‘all that money’ was pocket change compared to what they were worth in the present day. She debated on explaining how much things cost today, but decided he had enough to worry about for now. “I doubt anything to do with your family is going to be the solution to your problem. Tell me about Glory again.”
  • “Which part?”
  • Emma chewed on her lip, she didn’t need to hear about the various stages of partying again. “The last part that you remember . . .” Her cell phone started ringing. Glancing over at the table, she tried to pretend it wasn’t there. Before she could say anything, Bryce was up and at the table looking down at it.
  • “This is a phone?” His voice was filled with awe. “Man, it’s so small and flat and there’s no cord anywhere.”
  • Smiling at his tone, she got up and went over. Trying to pretend it wasn’t Allen’s number on the screen she picked it up and hit ignore. Tapping the screen she brought up the menu options and held the phone out for him to see. “It’s much more than just a phone.”
  • Taking it carefully he studied the screen. “Contacts, messages, photos, web—what’s a web?”
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