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Chapter 14

  • Emma shook her head in disgust as she paced by the door once more. She’d been doing it for fifteen minutes now and wasn’t at all happy that this was something she now did. For almost two weeks she waited for dusk each night and waited until Bryce was here. In all the years since she’d become an adult, she’d never felt like this. They had talked about every topic either of them could come up with, they walked sometimes, and when they needed nothing more than quiet company they would watch a movie on her laptop and cuddle on the couch.
  • It was the strangest thing ever for her, to be this way. He made her laugh and feel like she was important—that was a whole new thing too. The few times they had talked about what would happen if he didn’t come back had upset her so much she would change the subject.
  • She hadn’t slept with him and that was shocking too. It wasn’t from lack of opportunity or wanting to either. Every time they touched or kissed both of them were engulfed in flames and a few times they had to literally move away from each other to stop. As often as Bryce joked about getting her in bed, he seemed to sense she wasn’t quite ready to take it that far.
  • Of course in the few sobering moments that had crept up on her when he was gone during the day, she couldn’t believe she was even thinking about sex with a man that disappeared during the day. Although that didn’t stop her at all when it became night and he pulled her against his hard body to kiss her almost senseless. Stopping she sighed loudly, just thinking about it heated her up and made her wish the damn sun would hurry up and go down.
  • Every single night since that first one, she watched the shore and tried not to panic about him coming back. What if tonight was the night he didn’t? She knew it wouldn’t be because he didn’t want to be here—by the time morning came each day he was so forlorn about having to leave her that he’d be standing in the water’s edge kissing her right up until that second before he disappeared.
  • A heart wrenching thought came to her as she watched the sky over the trees. If he didn’t come back tonight, or another night then she’d never get to feel the way he made her feel again. Her chest constricted at that thought. It wasn’t just the flames that engulfed her when he was near, it was the whole thing. He made her laugh, almost cry at times. The way he looked at her made her feel special and crucial to him and not just because she’d supposedly brought him back, which she still didn’t believe she had. And unlike Allen she knew Bryce didn’t think she was important so he could profit from her—in all honesty he was likely worth more money that she could dream of.
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