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Chapter 15

  • Bryce looked down at the contented woman lying across his chest. She shifted around and made a soft sound that brought a smile to his lips.
  • Sexy brown eyes looked up at him. “I’m going to go take a shower.”
  • Running his thumb lightly over her swollen lips, he wanted to kiss them again. “I’ll be there shortly.”
  • “Kay.”
  • He watched Emma walk with careful steps from the bedroom and go towards the bathroom. He was surprised when he hardened just watching her. There was definitely something about her. The lazy feeling left when he had the sobering thought that he’d be better off dead than if he faded and never came back. Walking through eternity only able to think about her without having her would be the worst fate he could think of. They had to find out why he was able to be here and then find the way to keep it that way. It wouldn’t be fair to her either if he didn’t come back one of these nights.
  • The sound of running water echoed through the cottage. Grinning, he got up and quickly went in that direction betting she’d look even sexier—if that was even possible—with the water cascading down over her body. She said she was thirty-one, but her body didn’t look anywhere close to thirty. He’d never seen a body that turned him on like Emma did, and he’d seen a lot of naked ones in the past.
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