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Chapter 17

  • Emma couldn’t drive fast enough. Even though she knew she had to wait at least two hours for the sun to go down, she had to get back to the cottage.
  • She barely managed to get the car into park before she was out the door and running towards the lake. Would he be here? Could he hear her?
  • “Bryce!” She shouted out onto the lake, the sound of her voice echoing back to her. Running out onto the dock, she skidded to a halt at the very end of it. “Bryce, she knew!” She turned and looked all around. Even though she had never seen him during the daylight, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t look for him.
  • “Mrs. Polson is actually Gweny Swarthe and it wasn’t her, Bryce, it was your ring,” she called out hoping he could hear her. She hoped he would finally have the answers he’d been looking for. “I found your ring the day after I came here. It was in the flowerbeds. Bryce?” Emma stopped shouting and sat on the dock. “I hope you can hear me. Please hear me.” Taking the ring out of her pocket she turned it over in her hand. “Gwen said whatever she shouted at you that day the ring somehow managed to make happen.” She looked inside the ring to see if there was any sort of inscription. “Where did you get the ring?”
  • After several minutes of silence and no sign of him, she started to talk out loud to herself on the chance that he was somehow right there with her. “She told you that someday you would find a woman that you’d love and want.” Pausing, she silently wished that he did feel that way about her. She thought he did, but she was a little nervous about finding out.
  • Glancing at the sky, she glared at the sun. “Damn it, hurry up and go down!” Tucking the ring back in her pocket for safe keeping, she leaned back and spoke like he was sitting right beside her. “Gwen also said that she shouted that she hoped I—the woman you found and loved that she hoped she rejected you because I—she couldn’t find complete trust in you.”
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