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Chapter 62 NightHunter Alpha

  • When I pushed open the door of the shack, the Alpha was waiting inside. Crouched near the fire and watching the door intently.
  • “I smelled you coming.” His eyes were hooded. His scarred face showing his interest. “You have the most delicious scent.”
  • His gaze was thoughtful on me. “But I smell males on you.”
  • I’d thought he might. So, I had an excuse prepared. “It is nearly the Mating Moon, Alpha. Males have been musking me at every opportunity.”
  • “Mmm.” He rumbled. “I want to musk you.”
  • I nearly shuddered at the thought. Almost angry that another male would dare touch me. But I reminded myself that this was how I wanted him to think. I needed him not to know I was already marked. I had my hair covering my shoulders and neck for just that reason.
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