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Chapter 15 Lyra Lani

  • “Of course, you may!” Polly slid the other two leather medallions face down on the table across toward me. Barely pausing from the one she worked on.
  • Marta smiled at me softly and nodded toward them. “Have a look. I think you’ll be impressed. Polly is quite exceptional.”
  • I flipped them over and leaned to expect them in the dimness of the hut.
  • Lyra Lani lifted the candle closer to me so I could see them better.
  • I gasped, impressed. “Polly!”
  • It was a beaming likeness of me. Down to the curve of my hair along my shoulders and my long lashes framing my eyes. But she’d somehow made me seem brighter. Like a bit of smiling light carved into the leather.
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