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Chapter 5 Time with Them

  • The morning of declarations, two of the breeder females had become upset and soon tried to corner me to bite into me but before they could get a scathing word out.
  • Racer had swatted Aloira’s pointed finger out of my face and pointed back to her hut. “Move on. Your time is done.”
  • “Racer…” She whined.
  • The other girl behind her shifting uncomfortably. “Come back to us…”
  • “Not a chance. How dare you even think to threaten our mate. Get the piss back to your hut, wench.” His tone was the nastiest I’d ever heard it.
  • She whimpered and scuttled off.
  • I gave him a grateful look.
  • “You’re welcome.” He’d grunted gruffly and walked away, clearly still annoyed with them.
  • ***
  • It was a nice day spent down at the creek with them. Splashing and playing in the water.
  • Hunter washed my hair with his usual tenderness.
  • Racer leisurely soaped my body with a bit of soap weed. Creating the slight film over my skin that had Vanquish near the trees shifting uncomfortably as he washed my porcelain body being caressed by the other two.
  • The early morning sun peered through the green leaves above us and cast flickering gold lights over the clear water. The reflection of a blue sky making parts of the water seem denser.
  • Hunter lifted my long hair and held it over his forearm.
  • Racer soaped up my collar and my neck beneath my hair.
  • I moaned at the sensation of their touch.
  • “Hurry up.” Vanquish barked. Shifting again.
  • “What’s wrong, Van?” I purred. Blinking slowly at him. “Do you want to join us?”
  • “I want to rip you out of that water and take you on the ground.” He growled at my teasing.
  • “So, why don’t you do it?” I challenged with a smirk. Quirking a blonde brow at him.
  • “Don’t tempt me…” He lurched off the tree and took a long step toward the creek as he met my gaze levelly.
  • ***
  • I crooked a finger at him. Inviting him to come at me. It was fun flirting with fire. And Vanquish is definitely that.
  • He stalked to the bank of the water and leaned over it to catch my shoulders.
  • As he did I looked from Racer to Hunter.
  • “Pull him in.” It was all I had to say.
  • They each caught one of his forearms as he made contact with me and yanked hard.
  • He’d been prepared to haul one small woman out. Not fight two grown males trying to pull him in.
  • “Dammit, Vanna Rae!” He shouted as they dunked him, fully dressed before they danced away in the water. Unwilling to take him on one-on-one.
  • But I reached over and caressed his face. “You look good soaking wet, Van.”
  • And he definitely does. It’s no lie.
  • With his black hair slicked back and vivid green eyes keen on me with dark sooty lashes framing them. And his white tunic soaked flush against the flat planes of his chest and over the ridged edges of his biceps and abdomen, he looked good enough to eat.
  • I reached beneath the water and scooped the weight in his breeches. Feeling it immediately harden in my hand.
  • His eyes went hooded and he growled in his throat. Catching my waist and dragging me closer to drop his mouth over mine.
  • The kiss was scalding hot.
  • Like Van always is. Everything about the man was intense.