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Chapter 57 Eyes of a Traitor

  • “She’s milking me raw!” Racer cried. Gripping my hips as I held him in while he tried to pull out and go back in. “She’s so tight.”
  • “Everything about you!” Hunter joined them in. Palming my breasts against his chest and rolling them to catch my budded nipples between his fingers. Tugging them as he came. A long drawn-our moan telling me he too was spent.
  • I could feel their heat. The tautness of their bodies. The sounds of their pleasure and knew they were mine.
  • My lovers. My mates.
  • After all the difficulties and strain we’d endured over the last few months, I had to admit that being with all of them again made me feel somehow whole.
  • Racer pushing me forward and back driving Hunter mad as he couldn’t stay lodged in as he came.
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