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Chapter 41 Taking Them On

  • I crouched and as the wolf leapt, I slid to my back and lifted the blade to jam it into the wolf’s underside. Dragging it the length of the beast’s body. Splitting it open and sending its entrails spilling onto the floor.
  • The second man was a heartbeat behind him and was suddenly over me. He dropped to his knees to hover over me, pinning me to the ground and lifted his fists to begin pummeling me. I instinctively threw my arms over my face to block his hits but before they could rain down on me the original black wolf with white striped over his shoulders and framing the sides of his snout thudded across the room and hit the man so violently that he sent him tumbling off me.
  • The man spun on to his feet to confront the wolf but by now the other two who looked so similar to the original, were slinking closer. Their thickly muscled shoulders bunching and curving over them as they edged threatening forward. Their pointed teeth bared in vicious snarls which indicated their virulent intent.
  • When they dived on him it was in a solid mass. And their wrenching teeth tore away chunks of flesh. Sending blood crashing over me in a wild spray.
  • I blinked hard, immediately dizzied. Feeling extreme heat wash over me, I tried to hold stead. Tried to slow my breathing but immediately that stream of blood splattering me took me back again. I felt myself already shuddering as my back bowed and I tipped back over my feet. My shoulders thudding along the floor and my hair flopping around me as I convulsed so ferociously that I could hear my own elbows banging on the floor but could do nothing to stop the wild tremors. I made a wheezing noise as I tried to call out for help. But my numbed brain wouldn’t properly convey messages pouring from my head.
  • I’m utterly helpless.
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