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Chapter 7

  • Chapter Seven
  • "Harry sit down and listen to me." she said in a calm tone. Harry also sits on one of the chairs. Mrs Rose continues. "I have been praying for this day not to come, but now that it is here eventually, I can’t stop it any longer."
  • "Mom please tell me who am I?” Harry asks, he is worried and scared at the same time.
  • "Only a person can answer all your question." Mrs Rose said finally.
  • Mrs Rose stands up, she takes off all her clothing, save for bra and panties alone, her shoes are also taken off as well, she kneels and clasp her two hands together, she begins to mumbling some words to herself, no one hears her word, but her mouth is shaking. Suddenly she chant louder.
  • "Oh Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Batle. I your humble servant give you this body to take over." 
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