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Chapter 21

  • Chapter Twenty One
  • Meanwhile Sara was trying to help Harry up, but Don also recovered from his fall, he stood up without even minding his injury to his head, he held Sara hand firmly, even Sara tried to freed herself, but it was just impossible for her.
  • “Let me go this instant or you won’t like what I am gonna do when I turn bitchy.” Sara said angrily.
  • "Why can't you be my girl, leave this cripple and loser alone, they have nothing to give you.” Don said to Sara.
  • Meanwhile Kelvin was also been dealt with by Don minion, the student all stood all around watching what was happening, everyone in the school knew how arrogant Don is, they knew that he never relent to deal with anyone, in as much he marked you as an enemy, then the school became unbearable for the person.
  • Meanwhile after hearing what Don wanted to say, Sara just burst to a big round of laughter, she looked at Don like, he was a clown, she finally resulted to using her powers, she turned her hand to water, and she began to sweat, until her body became slippery, she finally jerked her hand free from Don grasp.
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