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Chapter 18

  • Chapter Eighteen
  • Now Kelvin and Sara had also recovered too, Kelvin did his magic and hit the Lady with fireball, the Lady fell down with her face first, she vomited blood, the Lady had never been this stunned in her entire lifetime, because she had seen lot of death and murder ever since she was on earth, and she understood a bit about pain when people are hit to death, but the death she encountered right now was causing her grieved and fear.
  • Moreover the Lady had taken lot of hit since she became a Titan about hundred years ago, but the hit of fireball from this Gods of Death is too much for her to withstood, the hit was like she was hit by a huge mountain. Actually she felt fear when she was standing face to face to Harry about a seconds ago, she felt the greatest fear of her life, it was like she was watching death itself, because Harry was a Beast, and the aura around him crushed her to death.
  • Knowing that she had no chances against Harry, the Lady aim was to escaped from around Harry, she knew about the search for the last Gods, and with the kind of power that Harry showed right now, and the fear and death that he carried all around, even a fool will knew that he was the last Gods. Quickly she stood up with difficulty, she took to her heel immediately, her speed was like a moving car.
  • But then Sara also understood the Lady intention, she also knew the troubles that will followed if the Lady escaped, quickly she turned to river, she flowed after the Lady, and she capture her legs such that she can't move again. Actually water was source of power to the mermaid, thus they can harnessed water to do anything that they wish, in fact the mermaid can quenched a raging fire with just a drop of water, moreover turning to water was something that the mermaids can do like breathing.
  • Moreover when the Mermaids are in water form, they can tied down a whole Bull and Elephant combined, moreover the water can take any form. Thus after turning to water, Sara tied the Lady legs, the Lady fell down with a mighty thud, still in a water form, Sara divided into two, she pushed the Lady to stand right, she also tied the Lady hands to her back, that she can’t even struggled.
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