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Chapter 19

  • Chapter Nineteen
  • Harry and his friend hide in the bush when they heard the sound of feet coming closer towards them, they hide such that they won't be seen, moreover they are so close such that they can hear what is going on around. Actually they panicked even at their hiding, because they knew whom their enemy is, and even though Harry was a powerful Gods of Olympus, yet he was just a kid with no battle experience, but the enemy fought against the Gods Seven thousand years ago. And for Sara and Kelvin, they are also powerless against the enemy for now.
  • Thus the trio had to hide for now, they never left any clue behind, even Harry wheelchair was taken away by them.
  • ************
  • Before half a minute, Tommy, Akeem and Lucy come around, Akeem bend down beside the dead corpse left by Harry and his friend, he inspect it, minute later he stood up and turned to the rest.
  • “I really have no idea about this.” He said and the same time was shaking his head.
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