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Chapter 27

  • Chapter Twenty Seven
  • Finally after reporting, Tommy, Lucy and Akeem walked away from the hall. Another minute later, the trio came back in, but they are also dressed in black hood as well, their manner of walking was no different from the grim reapers. Behind Tommy was the War Titan, who was not dressed just as his minions, but he walked in in his fill power.
  • The War Titan was in his beast mood, the scarlet fire was burning all around his body, which turned into an armour, he was dragging an axe behind him, which was all burning fiery scarlet.
  • Once he come in, the whole gathering all stand up in unison, they all chant together at the same tone and pace.
  • “All hail the War Titans.”
  • Immediately, the War Titan appearance changed back to a normal human being, he was dress in a black suit, he sat down first without even saying anything, then the rest of the people all sat down, but the hood covering their face was off. Tommy step forward with much confidence, he wanted to talked in the absence of Mr. Wang.
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