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Chapter 35

  • Chapter Thirty Five
  • Harry nod his head. Both Sara and Akeelah both heaved a sign of relief, Akeelah was the most relieved of all, at least her new life won’t be cut short by Harry, the new Gods whom she worshiped right at the moment. She sat down on the couch and began to breath in and out.
  • Akeelah understand what Harry meant by sending her on an errand, at least that was why she was released by Harry in the first place, but just few hours of been on land, she became too happy that she forgot why she was here, but reality called her back, she had to fulfilled her own end of the bargain.
  • Sara as well became dejected for no reason, she loved her sister more than anything since last night, because she also realized how much she missed her, in fact just one night and she was able to unlocked lot of her hidden potential, thus she wanted Akeelah near, she can be called selfish, but she cared not, yet she had no option now than let Akeelah go, yet she decided to protested again on Akeelah behalf.
  • "But at least let her get used to the surrounding before sending her away.” Sara said confidently.
  • Harry scoffed first, she knew Sara plan more than anyone, he also wanted Akeelah to became friendly with the new environment, he even wanted her to became so familiar with life outside the sea, such that when it was time for her to leave, she will felt reluctant to do, thus he was glad that Sara raised it up.
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