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Chapter 26

  • "You saved my life there. No, not just my life. I would've failed if t wasn't for you."
  • "That's not true and you know it. "
  • Callum turned to him and said  "You know...I sometimes feel like there are two of you. "
  • "I could say the same. "
  • "No, I am what you see. That's what has been the issue with me, I guess. But you...I realize now why Charles entrusted you with...errands, as you call them. I only hope he doesn't regret giving you off.""He doesn't."They exchanged a look and Callum turned to face the water."I need to apologize to you."The beach was completely empty. It was the late afternoon, the hour and time of the year too inappropriate for walks by the cold sea. Callum's eyes were mirroring the color of the gray horizon ahead, the wind playing with his bright red hair-  scattered brightness on the dull background.
  • "What for?""I should've told you Liam is actually joining as part of the opposition. That he's going to be part of taking our father's government down.""No, it wouldn't change anything for me today. Does anyone know? "Callum shook his head "No." He squinted his eyes and looked up at the sky. "Don't tell my father."
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