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Chapter 16

  • "There is a sense of sad beauty about the approach of autumn. The fleeting glory of summer is slipping away."
  • "Lady Henriette, you look marvelous in any possible attire. " Lord Tennyson approached with his servant following closely behind, leading the lord's big white horse. 
  • "And you look perfectly at a place as out master of Foxhounds for today."  She outstretched her hand, which Tennyson took in his and kissed. 
  • "I can't say I'm very experienced in hunting, but everything seems to be greatly organized. " She smiled politely at him and glanced at yet another servant standing nearby. 
  • The boy rushed to her and tipped his head "At your services, Ma'am."
  • He offered to assist Henriette to get on the horse, but she stopped him with a light gesture. 
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