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Chapter 22

  • When they arrived at Easterwel, Oliver paused, watching the country side house, as Callum referred to it.  It was anything but a country house.
  • The building was a bit smaller than The Fernsbury Manor, but at the same time there was something that made the place different.  Magical. Oliver almost slapped himself for gaping like a complete idiot, and since when did those associations came to his mind.  Nevertheless, he continued admiring the piece of art. Because that was what he was looking at.
  • That was the place the household maids talked about occasionally.
  • It very much resembled an actual castle, it was like it was taken out from the stories Emma used to read as a little girl and dreamed of living in. Seeing one of those in front of him made Oliver feel out of place.
  • The feeling very much copying the one he was encompassed in during the ball.
  • It was dark, but he could still see that the beautiful garden was bright green, the bushes in the form of different- sized, intricately shaped figures. Marble statues decorated the wide staircase, leading up to the entrance.
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