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Chapter 5 IV

  • "Neien, are you sure about this?" asked his secretary about the surrogacy Neien was planning to get. Their parents never pressured him to have a family. A need for a child out of nowhere surprised him more than anything else. He never even mentioned he liked kids. Though he spoils his niece, Darin never saw him with any child.
  • "You're not in a position to ask me that," the man answered while busy reading the contracts.
  • "I'm talking here as your half-brother," he said, annoyed with his sibling. There he caught his brother's attention. Neien slammed the papers into the table. He furiously turned to his older brother.
  • "Darin, you are my brother not half! You are not an illegitimate child! Why are you staying with me anyway? I can give you half of all of this. Just say it! You deserve as much as I have!" he snapped . His brother smiled bitterly, continuing to arrange the folders on his desk.
  • "Why are you so good to me? Shouldn't you be mad at me too? You should be hating me, you should be depriving me with everything you have because you're the legitimate child?" a little smile suppressed his lips. Neien sighed and massaged his temple. He's already frustrated with how things are. It will significantly help him if his older brother takes some of the load. Yet, he denied all of the privileges he was given and decided to be Neien's secretary instead of taking the COO seat.
  • "Stop it, Darin. One more and I'm really going to hit you. You're not to blame for Dad's infidelity to Mom. You're just a victim too," he said in a serious response. They went silent as the conversation died.
  • Darin, his older brother, has always been afraid to be in the spotlight, so Neien has to take responsibility so no one can say anything about his brother. Neien never felt the need to deny his brother all the privileges they had. In fact, he wants him to have as much as he has. He was wasting his work's worth hiding into that secretary play he's been playing. If anything, he should be handling some of the other businesses they have, but he was adamant about staying low and just being his secretary. Neien sighed and glanced at his older brother. He wants to offer him to start handling the business again, but Darin beats him to it.
  • "Neien, tell me honestly. Why are you so desperate to get that woman? There's a lot who would want to volunteer to bear your child. Why her of all the women?" Darin asked.
  • "Simply because of that worthless bastard. I will ruin him. Everything that has to do with him. It's not enough that he went comatose. And it's still not enough even if he dies. It's never to be enough!" His eyes were full of hatred. Darin stared at his brother, concerned that he would probably end up worse than before.
  • "Neien, you better not regret this," Darin can only shake his head.
  • "D, shut it. I'm not paying you to talk to me. Do your job," Neien's voice went back to his boss tone. Darin snickered.
  • "Oh, fvck that. I know that even if I just lay here all day I'll still have a salary. And even if I don't do anything, my bank account will always have more than enough, which is too much for the humble secretary of someone who's like you. Well, I guess it takes a lot to be your secretary. You're grumpy. You have a scary atmosphere. You're the kind that anyone is afraid of being with," he laughed as he recalls the work mode his brother has. The empty cup of an expensive coffee immediately hit him on the head.
  • "Enough or I'll fire you," Neien responded, annoyed.
  • "You've already said that for 597 times," Darin chuckled while he was busy arranging the folders on the other table.
  • "Then if you're not so busy, why don't you handle that company Dad was telling you about?" Neien teased his brother. Darin's hand stopped mid-air.
  • "You know that's not for someone like me," Darin replied. After putting the files to their places, he came out to go back to his desk outside Neien's office. Though he has his own table inside, he goes there whenever he wants to avoid Neien. His younger brother sighed in frustration.
  • Neien just went back to work. He immersed himself with work that he became unaware of at the time. He heard the door open and as he glanced at the guest, it was the lover of the one he despised who appeared. He smirked; Neien examined her from head to toe. She was just beautiful and simple; she looks decent, unlike her lowly lover. She was wearing this old-style light pink blouse with a knee-length skirt; her black hair highlighted her fair skin. She looked like a flower from his view that he could smell her scent. She was looking down as she played with her hands.
  • "Boss, Ms. Harra is inside," he glanced at the intercom as Darin announced the guest's arrival.
  • "Go have lunch. Be back after two hours," he answered while staring at the lady intently. She was still looking down, her cheeks were a bit red.
  • "Got it," his secretary replied.
  • "Come here," he called her. She awkwardly came to him. He gently pulled her to sit on the sofa in his office. Harra just quietly followed him.
  • "What brought you here?" He asked. Only then did Harra look up and stared into his eyes.
  • "I-I'm agreeing," she said softly, but that was enough for him to hear.
  • "I know you will," he replied, smirking. He was not surprised when Harra said that, he was expecting this to happen. He stood up and took the contract out of his drawer. He returned to the maiden's seat and handed her the contract. Harra just took it and immediately signed.
  • "You're not gonna read it?" Neien asked curiously.
  • "Even if I read that and complain, it will be useless because you'll never listen," she said, hinting in her voice that it was all against her will. He just laughed and put the contract back in its folder.
  • "Good girl. Now, let's seal it with a kiss," he did not wait for her response and kissed her immediately—a warm and punishing kiss.