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Chapter 3 II

  • The drink before him looks like it was about to boil as he stares at it. His knuckles turned white from the tightness of his grip on the glass. Tilting his head to the ceiling and letting out a heavy sigh. His expensive wristwatch feels like it is moving slowly as he watches it. He isn't used to waiting as his time is always gold. He fished his phone to call his secretary when his office door opened. His eyes focused on the woman he was waiting for. She stood behind his secretary, her head pinned to the ground. Truly like how she was described, a fragile woman. Seems like she has to be protected from the winds as it may scar her skin. Her delicate features failed to hide though she was wearing a dirty waist apron and an oversized shirt with messy tied hair. He was scanning her when his secretary cleared his throat.
  • "Boss, we're already here," his secretary smirked at him.
  • "Leave," he responded impatiently. His secretary kept smirking at him as he raised his brows. He finally left when he shot him a look. They're finally alone. He can just sense her though she was a bit far from him.
  • "W-what do you need from me?" her lips trembled as she spoke. The man can't help but toy her a little. He closed their distance and stared down at her.
  • "You're Harra, right? What took you so long?" he asked her as he stroked her cheek. She flinched and backed away.
  • "W-what!? Don't touch me!" she yelled at him furiously. His patience is so short that this ticked him immediately. He grabbed the woman and forcibly leaned her against the wall. He even heard her faint grunt, but he ignored it.
  • "You don't tell me what to do, I do," he brought his face closer to the terrified maiden and inhaled her fragrance. Her eyes gleamed with tears.
  • "P-please... I-if you need money I can't give you anything. II don't remember owing you anything!" she closed her eyes to avoid the intent stare from the stranger. She heard him click his tongue and felt him shift closer. Now she thinks if she ever forgot to pay on someone or owed them in some way that she forgot. If she did, when and how did that happen? So many wild thoughts run through her mind. She just hopes that she can come out of this alive and still able to work.
  • "Look at me," it was an authoritative command from him that she felt the need to immediately look at him. Her eyes met his, and now she felt terrorized. She crossed her arms as she felt cold sweats. Looking at his eyes sparked fear in her being. The familiar fear she felt somewhere at some point in her life. Her heartbeat started to race faster now than it was before, almost breaking her ribcage.
  • "W-why?" she mumbled as he gazed into his beautiful amber but emotionless eyes. It was beautiful, yet it looked like it was full of sorrow. The bags under his eyes made her wonder if the man had trouble sleeping. Though he has a sharp look, he has this worn-out aura on him.
  • "You need money for your comatose boyfriend, don't you?" his smile didn't reach his eyes, and it made her shiver. Her eyes widened as she stared at him. Did he have her investigated? What for? Did she really happen to owe them?
  • "H-how did you know?" she asked. The man smirked and caressed her cheeks. His touch was gentle, but she felt sick with every stroke.
  • "I have ways. Don't you know who I am?" the man queried again. The woman just shook her head and looked down. She even barely knows why she's here and how she got into this mess. "Oh, so there are real people who don't know me. Then let me introduce myself, I am Neien Thunder Geryon-" he smiled teasingly at the perplexed lady.
  • "Neien? The one looking for a surrogate mother?" she asked him, surprised that he was that great man they were squealing their lungs out about. He laughed at her gullibleness. She didn't know him for what he's known for. She knew him through the least expected way. His face quickly returned to his cold demeanor.
  • "Since you already know my purpose. Stop playing hard to get. Let's get straight to business. I want you to become my baby maker," there was no smile on his face as he told her. Harra was stunned for a moment, then snapped back. She pushed the man away from her and kicked him.
  • "Ridiculous! I'm not selling my body!" Harra yelled as she hurriedly went to the door. Shaking, she tried her best to reach the door and leave the place. But before she could get to the door, Neien dragged her into a room and then pushed her onto the bed. The room was dark, and the only light source was coming from the window seeping through the curtain. His eyes felt so empty that it made Harra retreat away to the headboard. She bit her lip to prevent the trembling voice she was holding in to escape.
  • "Don't you dare raise your voice on me! You don't yell at me, I do! If you don't want me to stop the machine that keeps your boyfriend alive, just conform to the agreement and sign the papers, "he furiously grabbed her leg and pinned her down.
  • "I-if I don't want to?!" Harra hissed at him. She wants to congratulate herself on trying to fight back against him. Neien stared at her and smiled devilishly.
  • "I'll make a way for you to agree. You won't like it when I'm mad," he smiled threateningly as he rested his body on top of hers and stroked her arm. "You'll have all the benefits if you choose to bear my child," he whispered, his hand slithered on her flat stomach. Harra whimpered, staring at the ceiling. She couldn't move because of the fear she felt. She felt like a bird in a cage once again .