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Chapter 2 I

  • *HARRA
  • "Hija, your boyfriend's body isn't responding anymore. It's only the machine that's sustaining him. I'm afraid the chances of him waking up is very slim," the doctor stated sadly. I shook my head and smiled at her.
  • "Doc, if you're implying that I have to give him up, I won't do it. Even if it takes ten more years of him lying there, I'll still wait for him to wake up. Don't worry because I'll pay. As long as his heart is beating, whether it's faint or very weak, as long as his heart is beating, I'll keep hoping that he'll return," I replied softly to the doctor while looking at Yul. She sighed and nodded. She gave me more of Yul's status before leaving. I caressed his emaciated cheek; his once muscular body became limp and lanky. I felt a tear escaping my eye.
  • "Yul, even if I get into debt as long as you can stay with me... even like this, I don't mind. I can't lose you as well. I'll wait for you. I won't get tired of taking care and waiting for you," I told him, then kissed his pale hand. I brought it close to my cheek. I smiled as he seemed to be caressing me. I cried into his hand, telling him stories of how I am these days. He's the only person who hasn't turned his back on me, and I'll do the same. I won't give up! I was busy talking to him when my alarm went off. It was time to go to work. I groaned. I don't want to go yet.
  • "Yul, I'm leaving again. But I'll be right back, I'll need to go to work for you. I love you. Wait for me," I whispered as I kissed him on the forehead. I glanced at him once more before finally deciding to leave. I was about to go when my eyes caught sight of the gathering and screaming of women from a distance. I was curious, so I approached and stared at whatever was there.
  • "What's going on?" I asked the woman next to me, who kept squealing at something. She looked at me and pulled me closer.
  • "It's Neien Geryon! He's inside! Looking for a surrogate mother! My gosh! If it's him, I'll let him mess me up for free! I'll even bear his child!" she screeched while pulling me fiercely. My arm was about to be detached from my body. Does he not have a partner?
  • "Who is he?" I asked again.
  • "Do you not watch the news or read magazines?" her left brow arched as she asked. I shrugged my shoulders. Her jaw dropped, probably shocked that there was someone extra ignorant than her. "He was the heir of the largest business empire not just in this country but abroad as well. He's a multi-talented, outstanding CEO and one of the youngest as well. If I state each of his achievements now, it will take us weeks!" she exclaimed frustratedly.
  • "If he's that famous and great, why is he still looking for a surrogate mother? He can just simply have anyone he wants," I told her. She laughed at me.
  • "You simply don't know how rich people's minds work," she answered and turned her attention back to the room where the supreme Alpha is in.
  • "Not worth my time," I told myself and went to where I work. I work at this Exclusive Bar as staff sometimes if we're short-staffed like today I work on the floor. In my mid-20s, this is my first job as Yul never let me lift a finger before. He provided me with everything I needed. It was a complete 180 from the life I used to have, but I'm still thankful that they let me work here despite not having any work experience and even gave me a good salary to support my daily life and to pay for hospital bills. I was busy serving drinks to our customers when Mama Lia, the manager, approached me.
  • "Harra, come here. I have something to say," She called, then gently pulled me closer to her. We stopped in front of a table, and I was suddenly nervous. I've never served customers as a hostess. I' ve heard scary stories from them, and I'm scared to experience those horrible things.
  • "Mama Lia, I don't sit with customers," I cried hushedly as I pleaded with her. She smiled at me and caressed my hair.
  • "Calm down. This is my almost-nephew, he wants to offer a job. I thought of you right away so I'm sending you here. Don't you need a lot of money? Listen to him first. If you don 't want to, it's fine, we'll have somebody else," she waited for me to agree before leaving me alone with this stranger. I nodded, and she smiled then left.
  • "So Miss Harra, I'm Darin. I work as a secretary. My boss saw you earlier and he requested your presence with him. He was quite antsy because he wasn't able to go after you. Would you like to come with me?" He urged me politely as he held my elbow, helping me to stand. I immediately shrugged and took steps away from him. My hands were shaking. I don't even know this man!
  • "I don't want to! And whoever your crazy boss is, tell him I'm not interested in him!" I told him angrily and turned my back on him. It didn't even take me steps when he decided to speak again.
  • "Your comatose boyfriend's life depends on him," he declared. I shifted my gaze to him as I threatened him with the most intimidating look I can muster.
  • "WHAT?! Who are you? What the hell do you want?" I asked fiercely, hiding my nervousness.
  • "Come with me and my boss will explain everything to you. Boss is quite an impatient man. He doesn't appreciate waiting for other people," he said formally as he glances at his wristwatch. I was just stunned. I didn't know what's going on and what I did to make this happen. Are they after me? Just who are they? My head was spinning with the possibilities of events that may occur.