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Chapter 66

  • ~ Delilah (Present)~
  • My body was trembling as I heard who my parents died. I looked at the man who was in front of me with a guilt look on his face. Why did he do that? How?
  • “You killed my parents” I found my voice was hoarse. He looked at me and clenched his jaws.
  • “You want to see your mother? She still looks like you, so young and gorgeous. She hasn’t aged at all” He got up from the chair and looked at me. What is he talking about? I couldn’t understand what he meant. I just looked away from him and stayed without answering.
  • “Come here Delilah. Let’s visit your mommy” he said again. I wiped my tears and got up as I followed him. I don’t know why I’m following him but for some unknown reason I was just not afraid.
  • But I hate.. I hate him for killing my parents.. Then he took me into a room and as soon as I entered that room I covered my body because of the cold. He took off his jacket and wrapped around me as he walked towards the huge glass box in the middle of the room. I looked around the room and found some places as covered with ice. This guy is really crazy..
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