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Chapter 80

  • It was afternoon when Ollie and I return to the suites; an express delivery arrives that turns out to be a game console for my siblings. An Xbox. I’m sure it’s Brandon’s doing because he’s in our living room with everyone.
  • Kit is on Brandon’s lap, holding out a joystick. My heart aches again, seeing how beautiful he is and how well he is getting along with my siblings.
  • “Do you like it?” he asks my brother, flashing a breathtaking smile.
  • Kit beams. “Yeah! I’m playing this with Alvin. He’s my friend next door, and he’s playing with this blue car and ka-boom! And when the red car speeds toward me—it goes baam!” He giggles and makes more sound effects.
  • “I’ll just talk to your sister for a moment. Go play with your siblings, okay?”
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