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Chapter 66

  • After gathering my composure and making sure all the kitchen chores were done, I shower in my room, change into my casual nightgown, and then hurry to Brandon’s room. Inside, I find him sitting on the couch by his bed, looking freshly bathed and scrolling on his tablet.
  • I sink my teeth on my lower lip playfully at the thought of crawling behind him and getting his attention all for myself. Stealthily I stalk over and wrap my arms around his neck. He stops what he is doing, and I begin planting small kisses on the nape of his neck.
  • He groans. “Alayna…”
  • I spin around the couch and drop in his lap. I don’t give him much time to respond; I aggressively crush my lips against his—kissing him as if his mouth were my favorite meal. He reaches for my face and shoves his fingers into my hair then plays with it, his fingertips massaging my scalp tenderly. Our mouths dance in sync, my tongue sliding along with his, dipping into his mouth. It is an unhurried, lush kiss, but our breaths quicken.  
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