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Chapter 75

  • When we return to the hospital, Brandon and the twins visit Pauline’s ward, and I remain in Oliver’s room. I can’t complain about that, even though jealousy hits me every time. Pauline is a human being who needs another human to look after her. It’s only ethical that Brandon would visit her since she almost died, though fortunately, she already passed the critical stage. However, Oliver hasn’t regained consciousness yet, although his doctor has assured us he will wake up soon.
  • I find my siblings in Oliver’s room with Casey and Cassius. I embrace Arianna as soon as I see her. She’s fine, but Jason has a bandage over his left bicep. He’s standing on his own two feet, though, which means he’s okay. His injury doesn’t look very serious, but I can’t help but worry.
  • “I’m perfectly fine, Laynie. It’s just a scratch,” Jason says.
  • I pat his uninjured arm. “We only just met up again, and you’re already jumping on bullets?” I pat him again and again. “Mom’s going to worry.”
  • “Ouch. Your jab hurts more!” he complains. “I’m okay.”
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