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Chapter 59

  • I’m overwhelmed by feelings of anger and jealousy, but there’s greed at the same time. Because I wanted this, I want him to be mine, yet I can’t be sure from one day to the next that he’ll stay the same. What if he doesn’t? I realize this is the last thing I need right now.  
  • I attempt to turn back and stop him, but he nuzzles the back of my neck and speaks softly, “I said, don’t let go, Alayna. I’ll make you regret it if you do.”
  • I press my hands against the cold surface, finding myself suddenly speechless just from feeling the heat of his body, hearing him say my name, and the provocative sound of his voice. It makes me crave more of him, and I know he can feel it as much as I can sense his hunger.
  • “I’ll make you mine tonight. Do you remember my promise?”
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