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Chapter 60

  • I am like a sheet of paper in his arms, and he lays me on his bed while kissing my neck, my fingers tangling in his hair. We are both breathing hard, yearning, and can’t get enough of each other. This is something I always wanted but never got the chance to have.
  • We can’t stop kissing, sucking, and licking each other’s mouths on the softness of his bed—Brandon exudes power, control, and voracity, like a hungry lion eating its prey. The slurping sounds he makes are driving me insane. We smell of sex with our sweat mixing up. I’m already losing myself in his world.
  • My lips break from his, and I moan as his hand cups my pussy. “I like how you taste here, but I need to feel you again,” he says in a low, raspy voice.
  • “Mm, you’re still dressed,” I mention, biting my lip, my eyes fluttering. “I want to see you.”
  • Brandon raises his torso a little and chuckles. “Easy there, lioness.” He then steps out of the bed and displays his perfect build, his muscles flexed and defined. He runs his fingers over his dress shirt, undoing each button as if in slow motion. I watch him with longing, wanting to do it myself, but I feast my eyes on the most beautiful man on earth, stripping in front of me.
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