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The Billionaire And The Stripper

The Billionaire And The Stripper


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 The Lap Dance

  • So there I stood on the huge glorious stage in just my thong and nipple clips dancing on the pole bringing my legs up and down, then slowly turning around to bend over exposing my thick fat sexy ass to the crowd.
  • my thong was so thin I was practically naked and I love the sensational rush. I moved my ass in small circles in the air which made the crowd go wild of cause they love me. Well, at least my body.
  • I did that routine over and over until the song was over then I left the stage and the attention so that another dancer could do her routine.
  • I went backstage where my private room was and I checked the time, 11:00 oh fuck I was late.
  • Grabbing my stuff like my purse and coat I began to dress to leave. I couldn't be late again! I promised her I wouldn't be late!
  • " Lynn I need you to do a lap dance at room 5 now" My boss came running into my dressing room informing me.
  • " What?
  • Nathan, I can't I am off duty, you can go and do the damn lap dance yourself " I screamed continuing to dress.
  • " Lynn don't do this! Not tonight plus they are paying $600 and all of it can be yours" he said trying to bribe me.
  • $600 was good money though so if I make it quick I could still reach home before 12.
  • "fine"
  • I muttered stripping again I enter room 5 in just my thong alone and let my full breast stand all by itself.
  • I saw a man sitting on the couch with his head down on his phone typing.
  • I could barely see his face because of the light on and he was well-built and tall in size.
  • I turned on the music to a seductive beat and began to dance.
  • He finally looked up and put his phone away.
  • " Look I don't want to do this but my friends paid for it and it's my birthday today" he confessed to me while dancing.
  • "It's okay, I would be slow" I promised.
  • His face had "NO" written all over it, he didn't want to be here.
  • I continue to dance on him anyway.
  • Rubbing my breast onto his face and placing his hand on my pussy, he just sat there frozen and not responding.
  • This was the first man Men usually love the private room so they can do whatever they want without anyone ever knowing.
  • Married men, Taken men, Congressmen, Businessmen. All sorts of off-limit men.
  • I was taken aback by this man's lack of interest in my nakedness.
  • He was starting to make me feel incompetent.
  • so I took one of his fingers and rubbed it in a circle on my clit through my thong.
  • He moaned when he felt how wet I was.
  • I took his finger and place it on my pussy myself and let him push his finger into me.
  • At first, he was surprised and didn't do anything but then he began to make in and out of me like an electric circle.
  • What the hell was going on?
  • I have done many lap dances before but I never felt like this.
  • My body was aching for more of his touch and my pussy was on fire.
  • I quickly got off and moved far from him. I felt something more than pleasure I just didn't know what.
  • He just sat there staring at me in shock.
  • " I have to go"
  • I muttered and quickly left without another word.
  • ******************************************
  • MEMORIES " Claire I'm home" I screamed through the silent house to my sister.
  • " We are in the kitchen"
  • Claire screamed back. I made my way to them while taking off my 7-inch heels in the process.
  • when I entered, my eyes landed on my beautiful angel, she was sitting on the counter eating ABC noodles and talking happily to Claire.
  • All eyes turned to me and I smiled at them.
  • My angel immediately raised her arms to me and screamed "Mum"
  • I smiled. yes, I had a daughter, her name is Lydia and she is three years old.
  • To say that I was shocked when I got pregnant would be an understatement, I remember it was like yesterday.
  • One day my boss had called me into his office to speak to me about my behavior outside work, apparently he had found out that I was a stripper and he wanted to discuss how it was an embarrassment to the company if anybody found out.
  • Instead of " discussing " the situation he came over and said," We can forget this entire situation and I can get a raise if I fucked him ".
  • I don't want to because I don't fuck married men especially ugly ones! However, my pay is $10,000 a month and that was quite good actually so I couldn't lose my job.
  • I was working long hours to pay for my sister's school fees so that she could finish college and pay off the student loan that she collected.
  • He promised that if we had sex he would give me a raise. which I needed because I wanted to buy a new house.
  • Claire and I lived in a two-bedroom apartment that we rented for $3000 a month and it was very expensive for us.
  • So I fucked him without a condom not taking anything precautions and three months later I realized I was pregnant.
  • I was carrying a baby inside of me, I couldn't bring myself to abort something that was half of me. The thought killed me to even think about it.
  • But I got whispers from everyone.
  • I mean the office whore was not supposed to get pregnant but I did.
  • I hid it from my boss ( Mr Carter) until I was about 5 months old and it was impossible to hide it anymore.
  • To say he was surprised was an understatement, he was pissed that his wife would find out.
  • Of course, I did get my raise and monthly silently. So Lydia and I are fully covered.
  • With stripping, my job, and Mr Carter's support money, I make about $40,000 a month.
  • My sister has been living with me since she was 14 years old, she was two years younger than me which makes her twenty-four ( 24).
  • She works at home so that way she can take care of Lydia ( my daughter) for me and I love them both so much.
  • BACK TO THE PRESENT I looked Lydia off the counter and began to walk upstairs with her while Claire stayed in the kitchen to clean up.
  • " Are you going out tonight?" I asked her.
  • No, but Ryan is coming over" she said.
  • Ryan is her fiancé and to me a pain in the ass.
  • He was always around, all in Claire's space.
  • He has all her passwords to her Phone, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Who in their right mind would give out their password to another person?
  • When I asked her she just said it was " love" Ha, fuck love!
  • I have never felt love and never will want to have it.
  • I carried Lydia to my room and she fell asleep quickly, I then began arranging my paperwork for my meeting the next day.