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Chapter 99 I Wanted to Ask a Favor of You

  • At this moment, Luna was staring at Christopher. The admiration in her eyes increased and she gently reached out her hand, blinking her sparkling eyes as she said with a smile, “I hope we have a happy collaboration. We’ll sign the agreement tomorrow!”
  • Christopher was overjoyed deep down but he kept the same calm, breezy expression on his face and extended his hand with a smile. “Here’s to a happy collaboration!”
  • Scarlett watched them clasp hands, and she fervently wished she could run over and give Christopher a kick to send him flying before viciously crushing him beneath her foot.
  • With no other business at hand, Christopher got ready to leave after getting off work. However, much to his surprise, she quickly reached out with her arm and her leg to block the door and cut off his exit.
  • “What are you trying to do?” he asked with fake-panic after taking a few steps back.
  • The question made her grumble. Why does this b*stard never take things seriously? Nevertheless, she mumbled for a few moments before carefully asking, “W-What’s wrong with your hand?”
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