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Chapter 98 You Win!

  • When Luna heard the chubby man bidding 10,000 for the soup from one side, she was flabbergasted. She initially expected the dish to gain a bid of 5,000, but 10,000 was a figure that she had never thought of. However, someone actually placed a bid of 10,000 today and the figure only kept increasing.
  • Scarlett, on the other hand, was completely dumbfounded as she gaped at the scene. The bidding price had now risen to 60,000. Oh, God! 60,000 for a dish? Even as Lawrence’s granddaughter, she had never seen a dish with such a sky-high price.
  • Christopher continued to wear a faint smile that made him look as if he wasn’t excited nor happy. He blinked gently, looking calm and composed.
  • However, as a matter of fact, he felt that his heart was about to burst with happiness. Yes, continue to increase the bid! The higher the bid, the better it is for me!
  • The chubby man did not believe that the thin man would be so daring to actually place a higher bid than him if the former increased the bid from 100,000 to 500,000. Let’s see if you have such a resolution to bid for the dish! he mused to himself. After he had made up his mind, he growled through gritted teeth, “Five hundred thousand! If you have the guts to place a higher bid, the dish shall belong to you!”
  • “Hmph! Well, you shall see for yourself now!Five hundred and ten thousand!” The thin man, who seemed to have made up his mind to thwart the chubby man no matter the cost, abruptly slapped the table and shouted.
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