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Chapter 96 It Is Actually 33D

  • His words stunned her. She then bit her lips while her face flushed even redder as she countered, “I don't care! I’m blushing now because of you. Give me my knife and let me slice you into pieces for making that kind of soup!”
  • She glared at him angrily with her eyes as wide as before, as if she was going to swallow him alive.
  • Hearing that, Christopher took a deep breath. This girl keeps talking about her knife and she specifically targets me. That’s strange, though. I merely occasionally use the Legend Level and Divine Level Knife Skill, which is not exactly amazing, he narcissistically thought to himself. That being said, of course he would not give the knife to Scarlett. As he raised the knife up high, he observed the two dogs while stopping a jumping Scarlett from snatching the knife back.
  • Although she was dissatisfied, she was unable to snatch the knife from him. Hence, she glared at him, her chest heaving non-stop as she continued to jump even faster and harder.
  • Scarlett even scratched his arms, but his current body was almost immune to tiny pain like this. In the end, he glanced resignedly at the few scratches on his arm and ignored them.
  • After observing the dogs for around ten minutes, he found that the dogs still remained active without any signs of stopping soon. So, he continued to stand at one side and watched them, a smirk playing by his lips as he watched.
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