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Chapter 95 Test the Effect of the Soup

  • If Scarlett had known about Christopher’s initial thought, she probably would have felt a little—just a little and nothing more—touched because she had often been locked by her grandfather in the kitchen to practice her culinary skills.
  • Christopher scanned the ingredients placed at his side and mentally compared them with the ingredients of the Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup, which he then realized that they were exactly the same. There were three sets of ingredients in total.
  • He nodded, then swiftly picked up a knife to slice and shred the ingredients according to the recipe of the Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup, and those that did not require any preparations were placed off to one side.
  • There were about 40 kinds of ingredients here. Some of them looked ordinary, but they actually required a cooking method that was different from how ordinary ingredients were usually prepared. There were some ingredients that were directly put into a pot whereby frying, steaming, boiling or grilling were unnecessary.
  • There were also some ingredients that required a more peculiar cooking method, in that it had to be steamed for an hour. Meanwhile, there were some that consisted of only a few shreds of usable fibers while the rest of it had to be discarded. Christopher sighed inwardly at the complexity of preparing the ingredients. However, he was no longer a novice in his Beginner Level and he had now reached the Intermediate Level for all his skills, so preparing the soup according to the recipe was not difficult for him.
  • Two hours later, he successfully prepared the Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup. A tempting aroma abruptly rose from the pot and at that moment, it overpowered all the fragrance of the dishes nearby.
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