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Chapter 93 Can You Do My Mom a Favor?

  • “Don’t move—you’re injured! Let me help you!” When she saw this, Chloe quickly stood up and took the bandage to finish dressing his wound up.
  • At once, Christopher felt his left hand relaxing significantly as the pain had greatly reduced, but he was unable to move it for now.
  • After placing her hands on her stomach, Chloe asked lightly, “Are you working nearby?” For some reason, she blushed again.
  • “Yeah, I’m working as a chef at The Serenade; it is not far from your place,” answered Christopher while he smiled and scratched his head with his right hand.
  • Upon hearing this, she seemed to be delighted and peeked at him before she responded shyly, “Oh, The Serenade? I go there pretty often, and the food is pretty tasty too. I’ll bring my friend along next time to show our support. Oh, right! I guess your wound will only recover after a couple of days, so you should come here tomorrow as well!”
  • “Okay! Take my number down, and you can call me when you go there. I’ll even personally cook for you. My number is 15…”
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