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Chapter 92 Dressing up the Wound

  • Upon hearing that, Christopher paused for a moment before he found that his left hand was indeed bleeding. It was only after Chloe reminded him that he felt the pain.
  • After directing his gaze toward the redhead whose hand was dislocated and leg was bleeding, Christopher figured that he was already in terrible shape. Immediately, he nodded and thought that the wound on his left hand was what mattered right now.
  • “Ding! Congratulations to the Host for being courageous—you sought for justice and got injured while trying to save someone! You have obtained 1,000 thumbs-up points!”
  • At this instant, the machine-like voice rang in his mind again.
  • Christopher revealed a smile. It looks like I’ll even earn thumbs-up points whenever I get injured! It seems that the number of points I obtain will be different depending on what price I’ve paid to save others!
  • Then, he glanced at the redhead coldly and warned, “Piss off. Don’t ever let me see you again.”
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