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Chapter 91 Chloe Stevens

  • After work, Christopher wanted to visit Samantha since her mother was leaving at the end of the month. Of course, he shouldn’t show up empty-handed. He pondered for a moment before he decided to buy some supplements which were suitable for the elderly.
  • Since Maryse had only recovered not long ago, he couldn’t go wrong purchasing these supplements. At the thought of this, he nodded decisively, left The Serenade, and walked toward the shopping mall beside it.
  • Just as he left the place, he looked up and saw a girl in the distance. She wore a white dress with her long, dark hair loose over her shoulders, and her fringe swept across her eyelids.
  • In fact, this girl was in no way less pretty than Luna and Samantha. Those pink, moist lips of hers would entice any man to bite them.
  • She bowed her head as she leisurely strolled down the street, her stride as elegant as a princess’s. However, she wasn’t aware that a red-haired man—who was smoking while leaning against the railing beside the road—had his eyes on her.
  • “Sweet!” As soon as the redhead saw the beautiful girl, his eyes lit up and focused on her. Even when his finger was burned by the cigarette end, he didn’t seem to notice it at all; there was even saliva coming out from the corner of his lips.
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