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Chapter 90 The Better Christopher

  • As soon as Luna heard his words, her calm expression was replaced by a look of surprise. Did Christopher actually thought of a way to promote this dish?
  • “First, we can put the word out that we’re launching this dish, and it’ll be open for orders starting tomorrow. However, due to its expensive ingredients, we can only make one bowl of it which will be sold through an auction. We’d be able to attract a lot of people, and we’ll continue the same thing for the second day. By the third day, the number of people will surely spike. By then, I’ll tell you more about our next step.”
  • As he sank into the chair with his legs crossed, he sounded somewhat sluggish as if he was some kind of a boss.
  • Upon hearing his words, Luna bowed her head, closed her eyes, and pondered for a bit. Throughout the entire time, her chest heaved gently. When she finally opened her eyes a moment later, a glimmer of determination could be seen in them.
  • “Okay! Let’s do this!”
  • “It’s decided then. All we have to do now is gather the ingredients.” He smiled faintly and stood up from the chair. Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly thought of something and turned around. “By the way, Ms. Sears—I think you’ll have to talk to Scarlett. If she doesn’t understand what we are doing, she might…”
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