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Chapter 89 A Plan

  • Upon hearing this, Christopher paused for a second and curled his lips before he realized something—the only person who would talk to him this way was none other than Scarlett.
  • At this moment, Scarlett stood with her arms akimbo. As she puffed out her chubby and adorable cheeks, her gorgeous big eyes stared closely at him as if she could see something else in him.
  • Christopher rubbed his aching temples and wondered what her problem was. He could only walk toward her helplessly while he stared at her with widened eyes.
  • Wow! How dare you stare back at me?! Scarlett couldn’t stand him anymore as she said inwardly, I’m the only one who can stare at others, and it has always been this way! Yet, you’re actually glaring at me?! How dare you, Christopher!
  • “You! Maya told me that your Knife Skills yesterday were even better than ‘Thousand Birds Song’! Go on, show me how you did it!” urged Scarlett as she pointed at his nose that was barely two centimeters away from her.
  • So that’s what this is about! Does Maya admire me so much? She must’ve been bragging about me. That’s why Scarlett is acting like this! Christopher thought narcissistically.
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