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Chapter 88 Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup

  • The system actually gave me 100,000 thumbs-up points at once! What a wonderful surprise! Wait a minute, a serial killer? A heinous person?
  • After Christopher paused for two seconds, his expression took a turn. Then, he quickly jumped away from the man in black and distanced himself from the latter. Holy hell, this guy’s actually a serial killer?! Can the system even detect something like this?!
  • After taking a deep breath and patting his chest, he managed to relax and slightly slowed down his accelerated heartbeat. The Divine Level Knife Skills would expire soon, so he didn’t have the guts to get close to the man no matter what.
  • If he had not received the Divine Level Knife Skills buff, he would’ve been dead instead of the man. Seemingly, not only could he use the knife skills to cut ingredients, but he could also utilize them to kill!
  • Speaking of which, the legendary Cleaver Knife Skills appeared to be true.
  • Christopher shook his head to clear his mind before he immediately ran away. There weren’t any passersby at the scene, nor were there any surveillance cameras around. Besides, he didn’t even leave his fingerprints on the man; no matter how powerful the police were, they shouldn’t be able to trace him down.
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