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Chapter 86 Intermittent Laughing Candy

  • This b*stard! Christopher cursed inwardly and looked back at Zachary. Just now, Zachary kicked his knee very much subtly—nobody had noticed it at all.
  • “It’s nothing, Mr. George!” As he patted the ice off of his body, Christopher continued, “It’s just a minor accident. Let’s do it again; it’ll be a perfect take this time.”
  • In fact, Caleb was famous for his strict demand. Any human error during the shoot would leave him dissatisfied.
  • However, considering that Christopher was merely a chef instead of a professional actor, Caleb didn’t say anything further after he heard the former’s words. He then furrowed his brows and said with a wave of his hand, “Replace the ice cubes and all the other props. Get ready for the second take.”
  • Throughout it all, Zachary was laughing in his sleeves. While the props were being changed, he deliberately came up to Christopher as he wagged his head. Then, he provoked him and said, “A chef? Hah! You think you’re bad*ss? More like a dumb*ss!”
  • “You think you’re funny?” Meanwhile, Christopher wasn’t triggered by Zachary’s provocation. Instead, he questioned the latter calmly.
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