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Chapter 85 Zachary Newman Is Looking for Trouble

  • When he walked out of the bathroom, Christopher saw that Maya was somehow curled up in the corner with her head buried in her hands.
  • “What’s going on?” He prodded her little head with his index finger and asked, “What are you doing here?”
  • “Ah!” At once, she snapped out of her bashful behavior and found that his hands were actually dry. Suspicious by this, she pointed at his nose and stuttered, “Y-Y-You didn’t wash your hands?!”
  • I didn’t wash my hands? Christopher was stunned upon hearing her words. Sh*t! She must’ve misunderstood me.
  • The saintly, glorious image that he had been struggling to maintain was destroyed. However, such an inexplicable incident was hard for him to explain. Therefore, he could only brush her off and let it slide as if nothing had happened.
  • At 1.00PM, Maya, Christopher, and the old man in a military uniform, who was deemed a gay man by Christopher, were led to the filming site by the floor staff.
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