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Chapter 82 Upgraded Interface

  • “I’ll give it all to you!” Seemingly without hesitation, Christopher rushed to the storage room and took out the four century-old Unique Cookware from the Parallel Universe Kitchen Appliance and Storage Pack.
  • The level for his four Culinary Skills would be the foundation on which he would gain more thumbs-up in the future. Now was not the time to save up on thumbs-up.
  • When he clicked on the ‘Feed’ button next to the Bonus XP Pet, he heard the automated alert tone say, “Four century-old Unique Cookware detected. Host, do you confirm feeding your pet?”
  • He silently thought, Yes!
  • His phone started to shake for a bit, then the four century-old Unique Cookware on the table flew into the mouth of the Bonus XP Pet in four strikes of light.
  • “Ding! Congratulations, Host. Your pet has consumed four century-old Unique Cookware. Leveling up in progress. Current level is 10. Bonus experience points have increased by 100%.”
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