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Chapter 81 System Upgrade

  • According to Christopher’s current rate of increase in experience points for each skill, his daily average would be around 300 points. In that case, he would reach around 10,000 in a month. At the moment, each of his culinary skills were at Beginner Level. To get to Intermediate Level, he needed 100,000 experience points. In other words, he needed at least another half a year before he could level up on his skills.
  • The amount of experience points needed to level up from Beginner to Intermediate was 100,000, from Intermediate to Advanced was 1 million, and from Advanced to Expert was 10 million. Beyond Expert Level, there was also Master Level, Legend Level, and Divine Level.
  • Scarlett’s Knife Skills was currently at Master Level. Using his judgment, Christopher figured that if she used the North’s Knife Skills, ‘Thousand Birds Song’, she might actually be able to reach Legend Level.
  • By the time Christopher’s Knife Skills reached Legend Level, his bones would have probably turned to ash.
  • Now it seemed like, in addition to the amount of thumbs-up, finding a way to quickly increase experience points on each of his skills was also a problem he needed to resolve promptly.
  • Speaking of thumbs-up, he suddenly remembered that Declan had already put all of the remaining 20 million in his card.
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