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Chapter 79 An Unexpected Beauty

  • After sitting back down in his seat, Christopher could clearly feel the difference in the way people were looking at him now, especially Quinn. It seemed as though she was dying to gobble him up.
  • Whether intentionally or not, she even leaned over and exposed her alluring cleavage in front of him. Her appearance and figure were decent; she was not too stunning, but she was definitely not ugly. Nonetheless, after meeting goddess-like people such as Luna, Samantha, Scarlett, and Maya, he was no longer interested in most ordinary women.
  • “That was the president of Deep Ocean Group, Wesley Reynolds, wasn’t it?” Christopher heard one of his schoolmates in glasses, who also seemed to know Wesley, ask. I think he said he was a journalist for a finance magazine, Christopher thought.
  • “Our newspaper office once published an article from an exclusive interview we had with him. Christopher, I never thought you would be acquainted with such an influential figure.”
  • Some people might not have known who Wesley Reynolds was, but the moment Deep Ocean Group was mentioned, they all understood. Even though it wasn’t the leading enterprise in Brentwood City, Deep Ocean Group was still widely known. They couldn’t believe that Christopher actually knew Wesley, and that Wesley addressed him with such respect.
  • Suddenly, everyone was seeing Christopher in a different light. In an instant, the focus of the conversation gravitated from Leonard to Christopher.
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