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Chapter 78 Mr Yard

  • “Do you think I want to be bothered with you? We might’ve been at odds with each other in university and did not have a great relationship, but we were still schoolmates. For the sake of that, I was just reminding you nicely. I didn't want you to throw away your future and go off in the wrong direction, but what is with your attitude? You’re just taking my goodwill for ill intent! You used to be the man of the hour in school, but look at the state you’re in now! Haven’t you thought of asking us, your old schoolmates, whether anyone could pull a few strings for you? If you’re willing to, I can even hire you to work as a handyman under me. I’m confident that you’ll get paid more than working as a cook. I’m just looking out for you!”
  • It was a lie that he wanted to help Christopher change jobs, but it was true that he wanted to humiliate him. What could be more satisfying than making your old rival serve you a glass of water?
  • That way, he’d be able to order Christopher around unconditionally in the future!
  • I know what you’re thinking, Leonard. A job offer? No, thank you! Not wanting to waste any more time with Leonard, Christopher continued on his way out.
  • At this moment, he saw someone he didn’t ever expect to see walking toward him in the corridor outside of the private room.
  • “Mr. Yard!” As though it was very surprising to be able to bump into Christopher there, Wesley grabbed his arm excitedly and said, “Is this fate? I didn’t expect to see you here!”
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