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Chapter 73 A New Way to Get Thumbs-ups

  • “Samantha!” Walking into the kitchen, Christopher hugged the girl from behind before he pressed his chest firmly against her back. He placed his hands on her flat and smooth belly before getting close to her ear and biting her glistening earlobe while saying, “Why don’t I rent us a bigger house? Then, we can move out and live together.”
  • “Move out and live together?”
  • Samantha’s body was no secret to him although they had never slept together. However, being teased like this, her delicate and beautiful cheeks turned red at once. “Why?”
  • “No particular reason. I just want to change to a better environment.”
  • Originally, she wanted to persuade Christopher not to spend such a huge sum of money, but thinking of the fact that he had spent more than 100,000 that day to buy clothes for her without so much as blinking, Samantha swallowed her protests.
  • “Christopher, you should be the one to make decisions for stuff like this,” Samantha said as she turned away, because the hot air that came out of Christopher’s nose was making her slender neck itch.
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