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Chapter 72 Class Reunion

  • As usual, noons at The Serenade were when everyone was working nonstop. As Christopher was about to walk out of the kitchen to go to the bathroom, he heard someone call out his name sarcastically, “No way. Christopher Yard, it's really you! And here I thought I’d gotten the wrong person. You really are working as a cook here, huh?”
  • Not paying too much attention to the sarcasm in his tone, Christopher raised his head to take a good look at the young man speaking. Realizing that he did not recognize this man, he asked, “You are…?”
  • “Come on. Don’t you recognize me?” While looking at Christopher with a scrutinizing gaze, the young man said, “That makes sense. After all, it is all different from the past now. We are no longer on the same level as before, and even more so now. How about I introduce myself again—I am Leonard Baker, currently the Sales Manager at Reagent Real Estate.” As Leonard was talking, he took out a name card and handed it to Christopher.
  • Leonard Baker?
  • After receiving the business card, Christopher was puzzled for a moment, and then he finally recalled Leonard, who was his roommate from university and was also from Brentwood city. Christopher roughly recalled that Leonard’s parents were both working in a finance company. Although the two lived in the same dormitory before, they didn’t have a close relationship. This was because Leonard had also once pursued Tina in the beginning, so the relationship between these two rivals was naturally not good.
  • “You are working here… as a cook?” Using an extremely disdainful tone, Leonard looked at Christopher and said, “Seems like you are not doing so well for yourself after all.”
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